The First Week

After much anticipation and a very long flight, I finally arrived in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires this past Sunday! The city is so big and there are so many things I want to see and experience!

Upon my arrival, I took a taxi with my friend Brittany to our new homestay where we met our family for the next six weeks.  We are living in the beautiful neighborhood of Recoleta with a husband and wife, Patricia and Roberto. Patricia is a housewife and Roberto is a doctor and they have been extremely welcoming and helpful.

After arriving I was scared to go out and try to navigate the city, but I found it was not nearly as difficult as I expected.  It is only day 5 and I think I know my way around fairly well; I even took a bus for the first time yesterday!

The language barrier has been a little challenging because Argentinians speak a different  type of Spanish called Castellano, which can be difficult to understand. However, I think I am already starting to understand more and I have plenty of opportunities to practice.

Throughout my stay in Argentina I am taking an International Economics class and I will be interning in a non-profit organization called Fundación Pilares. So far my economics class has been very interesting, mainly discussing the history in Argentina. As for my internship, Fundación Pilares works with families in vulnerable positions in Buenos Aires and I am looking forward to learning more about all they do and how I can help.

Today was a national holiday in Argentina called May Revolution Day, which celebrates the first independent government in Buenos Aires. Almost all stores and businesses were closed today and many people were showing their patriotism with Argentinian flags. I am glad I was here at the right time and got to see the celebration of this holiday firsthand.

There are so many things I want to do, such as go to Tango show and a soccer game! I cannot wait to see what the next five weeks brings!

Chao for now from Buenos Aires!