A word to my one-week younger self

Is this real life? The days here have been flying by and with that, I have noticed a significant amount of change and growth. Being thrown in to the work environment just a week before my company’s biggest event of the year was quite challenging. I was being given dozens of tasks, or “missions,” per day and found myself struggling to maintain language focus. I would frequently block out any words that people were trying to say to me and just nod my head.

Word to one-week younger self, YOU’RE GOING TO BE OK!

Our large fundraiser was on a Sunday so my co-workers and I spent all day Friday and Saturday running back and forth between the office, and the fundraising space which was a 25-minute metro ride uptown. Everyone was quite stressed, but we maintained a really positive environment. After hours of unpacking, arranging, and rearranging the items for sale, our group of volunteers had a large speech and party to celebrate a job well done.

But, the work was not over yet! After 5 hours of sleep we were up and back at it to put on the all-day sale. Customers and pedestrians (some of whom I recognized after walking for hours distributing flyers) lined the doors and waited for the big reveal. The energy was electric and at the end of the event, we ended up raising close to 45,000€! Our director was beaming and I walked away with many laughs, memories, and contacts that I hope to maintain in the future.

Now, it’s time to relax this weekend.

Talk soon!