Anest in Berlin Week 3

As week 3 is in the books and everyone has been getting more comfortable with getting around Berlin and getting settled in at work, things are starting to become easier. Every day we each have a set routine that has been working well. Some highlights of this week was having off from work on Thursday because of Ascension Day. To celebrate this day off Barack Obama attended a discussion panel with Chancellor Merkel at the Brandenburg Gate talking about civic engagement. He discussed about how our generation is going to have to play a huge part in the near future with how the world is going to be run politically, socially, and environmentally. He also touched upon the recent events in Manchester and how each person is valuable, regardless of their background. Other than Thursday, the rest of the week was relaxing and on Saturday night we were surrounded by a lot of soccer fans that were excited about the German Soccer Championship that was played in Berlin. The support from soccer fans here is tremendous and to see the streets packed with Borussia Dortmund and Eintracht Frankfurt fans was a cool experience and definitely an important part of their culture.


As time has passed by working at Gramercy Global Media, I have also picked up some information about the organizational culture and how the firm I am working in seems different from other companies I have heard about from my classmates. In my scenario, we have one meeting room and then a big open work space that has 6 desks and everyone can easily communicate without any barriers. On the first day, I showed up with a button down shirt and nice dress pants, I immediately realized that I was overdressed as the women had casual dresses on and the one guy coworker I have was wearing a Nike sweatshirt and jeans. Clearly the company I am working for is informal, but they are organized in the sense that they know how to perform their tasks that are given by their clients. They have an established base in 4 different cities around the world and they have good communication skills with each other which allows them to getting bigger projects done faster.

Looking at the next couple weeks, work will most likely be similar, but I have been receiving some projects that are in English from the New York City office which has been helpful and given me a lot on my plate. Even though I cannot do much with the projects that are in German, I am glad that I have more work to do because my day goes by much quicker. I am also currently planning to visit Ireland next weekend to visit my friend studying abroad in the IIP in Dublin from Pitt as we have off from work on June 5th so that would be my first travel experience within Europe. And with that, I’m signing off for the week and leaving everyone with 2 pictures of a couple of the companies near our hotel.