First Impressions

During my first week in Prague I have already fallen in love with the city and what it has to offer. Throughout the week I’ve already learned a significant amount of Czech culture as well as their history. We had the opportunity to take a tour through the city and visit all the tourist spots such as Charles Bridge and Old Town Square. The old architecture was beautiful and represented all of Prague’s history.

We learned that despite having a significant number of churches in Prague, 80% of people in the Czech Republic are atheists. This was mainly due to them being forced to change their religion by whoever was ruling them at the time. We also learned that Czech people as a whole are generally more closed off and reserved if you don’t know them. This is also due to the Communist rule. During that time they had to be careful of who they were friends with because anyone could be a spy. Personally, it’s interesting to see how their history can impact how a country thinks and acts today. Since the Czech Republic has a long history of being controlled by a larger authority, Czech people typically don’t have any respect for authority like their police.

I can’t wait to explore the city further and continue to learn about their culture and history. While the city itself is gorgeous, I find its history even more fascinating. As I continue learning the Czech language and start my job this coming week, I plan on learning more about this country and culture in hopes of attempting to connect with the locals.