Loving London!


Today I am sitting in Costa Coffee, a chain here kind of like Starbucks. Today is a bank holiday, meaning most people have off of work and school including me!

It’s crazy to think it has almost been two weeks in this amazing city. When I first touched down in London I was overwhelmed by the bustling lifestyle and the mobs of tourists, but now as my second week comes to a close I have truly grown to love the craziness of London.

I am living in Camden Town. Camden is a very busy area because of all the night life and the famous Camden Market. The market is an awesome place to get food, go shopping or just walk around on a sunny afternoon.

Some of the highlights from my trip so far include:

The Victoria and Albert Museum – completely free! Beautiful courtyard where you can relax after looking at all the amazing art.

The London Eye – although it did make me extremely motion sick…. It was amazing to see the entire city.

The Camden Market – It’s right in my backyard!!! Has fabulous food/shops.

Trafalgar Square – Great place to sit and relax and watch red buses zoom by! We got an awesome view of Big Ben from there.

The tube/underground¬†– I love my commutes and love constantly hearing “mind the gap”.

It has been a crazy two weeks between adjusting to the time change, going to class, starting my internship and trying to squeeze in as much sight seeing as possible.

Check back soon for my next blog where I will talk about my internship!