Lindsey Myers: IIP Berlin Blog #3

After my weekend adventure in Prague, returning to work this week has been tough.  It was definitely a nice change of scenery and an exciting time for me because Prague has always been a place that I have wanted to visit.  Overall, it was truly a beautiful city with so much history and culture.  It was absolutely crazy to me that we could be in a new country with a brand new culture in a little over 4 hours by bus.  It was a jam packed four days as our group attempted to see and do everything important in the city.  I can honestly say that we did almost everything we needed to including touring the Prague Castle, visiting the John Lennon Wall, paddle boating on the river, eating a traditional Czech meal, climbing the Petrin Lookout Tower to a magnificent view of the city, walking through the old town center, and more!


Even though we made it to all of the major sites, navigating through the city was quite difficult as only one of the eight of us in my group had access to phone service.  I definitely realized that I’m not very good at using paper maps to navigate.  However, Prague’s public transportation was very efficient and got us to everywhere we needed to get.

One thing I noticed about Prague is that you can definitely see the German influences, especially when it comes to the types of foods.  Many German specialties, such as Döner and Schnitzel, are also served in Prague.   As I’ve been born and raised on Czech food, I had an easy time finding foods that I liked, especially the sauerkraut!

Although I loved my time in Prague, I was definitely ready to come back to Berlin.  Many of us explained how it felt like we were “coming back home.”  Even though it’s been less than a month, Berlin has quickly become our home-away-from-home.   It was a relief to see so many familiar sites when we returned.  I really have fallen in love with this city faster than I ever thought I would.  That being said, even though I want to experience all that Berlin has to offer, I am actually off on another weekend trip this upcoming weekend to Rome!  Check back for updates on my adventures

Bis Später!