The French Environment

In today’s age, there are many factors that impact non-governmental organizations and their functioning. I never realized how much paperwork is involved in the maintenance of an organization such as this. They have to keep track of virtually every donation, dollar, and volunteer/worker that comes their way.

On the political front, all the girls in my office are extremely relieved that Macron won the Presidential Election. This is unsurprising to me because I am after all, working for a humanitarian non-profit. They explained how if Marine Le Pain had won the election, there probably would have been harder restrictions on immigration and that airline prices would sky-rocket, making it harder for them to travel and send donations to our three centers in Senegal, Haiti, and Madagascar.

Economically, the French economy is doing alright so this is not of much concern to my company. The one thing I noticed was that they said they are allocating more resources and donations to the Haiti center because the cost of living (they used Coca-Cola as a unit of measure) is much more expensive than Senegal or Madagascar.

Country GDP vs. Global GDP plays a major role in my company because it dictates the amount that local company’s are willing to donate to us, and therefore influences how much we are able to provide for the centers. For example, if the French economy is booming, people are constantly buying, and company’s are donating their surplus items to our organization, we are able to fund more services for the children in our center.

We are constantly assessing human rights and looking at the children in our centers and deciding which center needs the most attention, care, and resources. So if there was a major disturbance of human rights (for example, a young girl being a victim of prostitution in Senegal), we would focus on solving that immediate problem.

À bientôt!