Still abroad and still loving it

It has been about two and a half weeks here and I am already planning on coming back here one day. Everything has been so incredible. As I head into the long weekend, I am getting ready to leave for my first trip outside the city to Queenstown, New Zealand! I am so excited to see and explore more of this world. My friends and I have already booked many thrilling experiences. We will be zip-lining, flying in a helicopter, eating lunch on top of the Queenstown mountains, and cruising through the Milford sound. Updates to come later on how my trip to New Zealand went!

During our time here, we got to experience Vivid Sydney. Vivid is when the whole entire city lights up and there are different light shows everywhere. I went to the Royal Botanical Gardens a few days ago (see picture) and got to see how beautiful the gardens were at night when there were lights everywhere. One thing that I did not realize was how cold it gets here at night. If you aren’t wearing some type of jacket, the wind will be pretty brutal. However, every Australian acts as if it were -5 degrees Fahrenheit and will wear hats, gloves, scarves, heavy down jackets, and winter boots. It is kind of funny to see since it is about 60 degrees.

One other thing that took my a while to get used to was walking on the left side of the sidewalk. It still takes me by surprise when I constantly bump into people.