My New Home

I’ve been abroad now for three weeks but it feels like so much longer. In the best way possible. Each day here is filled with activity and it feels like I have been constantly busy since I arrived here in May. I am starting to form a routine with having to go into the office everyday and this city is starting to feel like home.

My first week of work was all over the place because my company was hosting a huge investment summit and I was just thrown right into the mix. This past week has been much more calm and structured and has allowed me to get into a rhythm with my work. My main task at DDC Financial Group is the production of our next Investment Summit in September in London. I am responsible for doing research and coming up with the contacts of potential Investors. This involves me keeping a close eye on European markets and figuring out which companies have a heavy interest in Distressed Securities, Real Estate, and NPLs. I then email these potential investors to gauge their interest in the Summit. So far I am extremely thankful for my placement into this company. It has allowed me to learn about a whole new market that is much more prominent in Europe than it is in the states. DDC has allowed me to connect with many large European investors and given me an opportunity to meet these people and have an ongoing relationship.

Today will also be my first time leaving the Czech Republic since I arrived here. Some of the other students on my program and I are going to Budapest, Hungary for the weekend. This will be the farthest east that I have ever travelled and I can’t wait to explore the city and relax in the famous baths of Budapest.