Not Every Startup is Like Facebook or Uber

I have been working for v6 Ventures for the past 2 weeks and honestly I still struggle to tell people exactly what line of business we are in.  We run a website for expats in Prague, we are currently developing a customer loyalty app for local venues, we have a website that connects service companies such as house cleaning companies with clients, and we also are involved in providing wifi landing portals and dabble in some data analytics.  So what exactly do we do?  Are we in digital marketing? Hospitality? Journalism? I asked my boss and the founder of V6 Ventures Kenny Phipps, and he laid out his vision.  How he saw it, V6 Ventures is a startup.  That’s the business they are in and that is the business they will always be in.

Kenny’s vision is to invest and work on a lot of projects.  He builds them up to something that can make a profit and then sells them to other companies.  Some will get big enough to sell, some will fizzle out and not become anything. He enjoys taking ideas and creating something real out of them but he doesn’t enjoy the management of larger projects so he simply sells them when they get too big.  There are many projects V6 used to work on in different industries but have been sold off once they got to a certain size.

This was a unique idea to me as I had always seen startups as these big companies that just hadn’t gotten bug yet such as Facebook, Uber, or AirBnB.  It is refreshing to work in this line of work with someone who isn’t looking down the road towards the “big break” but instead enjoys working on small projects seeing what he can make out of them.  It will be interesting to see what progress we make on the different projects in the next few months while I am in Prague.