Deutschland Blog #6: Through and Around. Up and Out.

On Sunday, a group of us went to a park. It was a lovely day to spend our weekend even though it had been a bit rainy. We wandered around the entire area and saw some nature. It felt nice to get some fresh air and walk around. Next, we split up. A couple of us went to eat and then we split up even more so that Jeff and I could go to Alexanderplatz. We almost went up into the TV Tower, but it was too dark so we decided to look around and then grab a treat nearby.


Monday was a holiday so Jeff, Anna, and I decided to go to the culture festival that was happening in Kreuzberg. It was warm and sunny so it was the perfect day to take advantage of the weather. There were so many stalls with clothes, crafts, and most importantly, food. We spent most of our time looking at the different areas of the festival and listening to music. We ate some lunch together and then rejoined the sea of people that were out and about. I left my friends a little early because I had some chores to do and errands to run, but overall, it was a beautiful experience.


My work week started slow and then got pretty busy really fast. I did some odds and ends for my work such as putting stuff online and mailing a package. Two of my articles were published this week and I was so proud of myself. A guy from the UK joined us to learn how he can work with our location as the launch of the UK website approaches. On Wednesday, we had this intense meeting about goals for the company and our 8 week plan. Although it was long, it helped me structure my week and determine what I should be doing for the company. After that, we had an amazing lunch together at a Vietnamese place nearby. It was pleasant and I felt like we really bonded as we talked over lunch. The next day, I wrote another article and sent it for review on Friday. Friday, I was so busy helping one of the sales people put in contacts to a program. I was given a stack of business cards and it was boring, but necessary. I was very happy to help and my coworker was pleased with my work. Then I met with the guy from the UK and we chatted about how I could help him. After that, I was free to enjoy the beautiful weekend.


I didn’t do much on Friday night after work, but Saturday, I explored Berlin with Anna and Jeff. We went to Alexanderplatz together and had a blast. We walked around and looked at all the different stuff that was nearby. Then we ate some lunch and ran into two people from the program. We bought tickets to go to the TV Tower and when we got to the top, we were amazed by the view. It was astonishing how far you could see. I took some breathtaking pictures. After that, we bought some ice cream and then headed back to the hotel. It was such a beautiful day to be walking around. I really enjoyed spending time with my friends this week and accomplishing tasks at my internship.