Organizational Culture in Dublin

After a week of getting to see Dublin, I finally started my internship at Kilbride Consulting. After only working for just one week, I already have been able to get some valuable real world experience in the tax consulting industry. I have only done my core business classes up to this point, so it’s good to see some real world examples of what I learned in class play out through this internship.

Kilbride consulting offers a lot of services to its clients including tax consulting for small businesses and individuals, filing both corporate and personal taxes, and simple accounting payroll for small businesses. So far, the organizational culture has been pretty much what I expected. The employees at Kilbride are expected to dress in business professional so that means I have to wear a tie every day to work, which is a slightly more formal than I expected. Other than that I think it is pretty standard culture for a tax consulting firm. The company does a lot of meetings with clients, so formal dress is normal for that type of company. My co-workers are very professional and the office seems very organized. Everyone knows their role, and they seem to work with each other very closely on a day to day basis. Because it is a small firm with less than 10 employees, the staff know their clients very well and seem to have developed good personal relationships with them. This is really important because in the consulting industry building trust with clients is essential.

After the first week, I’ve already gotten experience working with real-world examples of reading financial statements and expense reports for small businesses. I am excited to get increased responsibility throughout the remainder of my internship.

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