First Week of Interning – Noah

Getting settled into my overseas internship was both challenging and exciting in different ways. The overall atmosphere was much more laid back than I had initially expected. HeadCase Marketing, the firm I’m currently working for, has their own unique way of doing things. They take a very progressive and innovative approach to helping big brands market their products, with little concern for standard business formality. Even the dress attire isn’t a concern for them in the office. They told me to wear whatever I want, as they don’t see it as a big deal. This was definitely made clear to me when I was teased for wearing a tie to my interview.

On another note, creativity is a big focus for the team at HeadCase and they have already encouraged me to exert my own creative nature and think outside the box, in order to contribute to the full circle of projects and even taking a commanding role in certain projects. HeadCase is a very small team in general, comprised of only a few employees, and although every worker has his/her individual title and authoritative status, the overall feel of the working environment doesn’t feel hierarchical the least bit. The team works collectively and embraces each other’s contributions and efforts.Because of the small size of this firm, there is always work to be done by each individual. I became busy very fast after only a couple days of being there and my supervisors were sure to coach me on how to manage my time efficiently and prioritize my tasks. The work is hard but also fun and rewarding, which is exactly the type of work I aspire to direct my career goals towards. Ultimately, the overall nature of the working environment, based on what I have gathered so far, excites me. I definitely feel that by the end of this program, my communication and organizational skills will have increased significantly.MailliardN03