The Package Locker Industry

Hey everyone,

I was fortunate enough to spend the day with Chris Moreno, the VP of national partnerships for Luxer One, on Friday the 9th. He had recently returned from a trade show in Las Vegas and was able to get a few clients to sign on as partners. He brought me to the warehouse of Laundry Locker and I got to sit in on a meeting with a potential partner from Holland. It was very interesting hearing more about the industry and how it is expanding all across the globe. The technology in laundromats and dry cleaners are becoming more advanced and it is improving efficiency for companies. After that, we went to an actual Laundry Locker location near the bay bridge. The actual store is just a room full of lockers where customers leave their laundry in a locker, type a code to lock it, say what they want specifically on the app, and their laundry returns within 48 hours. The laundry industry is truly being revolutionized through the use of lockers. Two groups of about 30 individuals from Japan came to visit the lockers to take a glimpse of this technology. There was a translator there translating through a microphone to the Japanese men and women as they listened in through their headsets. After the tour, we got to eat dinner with them at the Hilton Hotel and more business was discussed about potential partnerships. Even though it was a ten hour work day, it was extremely rewarding. I got to see what a day in the life of a VP of national partnerships demands and it is definitely a lot different then sitting at an office from 9-5. Chris is always traveling and meeting up with potential clients/partners and discussing business. It made me realize that I did not want to sit in a cubicle five days a week and I would much rather develop a profession where I am up and on the move. I realized that meeting new people and connecting with individuals similar to yourself is priceless.

In regards to the industry analysis, the package locker industry is relatively new and is growing at a fast rate. Luxer One builds lockers/locker rooms for residential/business buildings in order to provide convenience and security for their clients. Their are only three other companies that are major competitors and they are Parcel Pending, Package Concierge, and Amazon. All these companies are attempting to build lockers all over the globe in order to eliminate the inconvenience of packaging. It is not very challenging to find clients because many of Luxer One’s clients reach out to them first. Package lockers are the number two amenity for multifamily buildings next to fitness centers. Almost everyone orders packages so it is an exceptionally relevant industry in the business world. People hear about the benefits of having these lockers so it is an opportunity in itself because it is so unique. Luxer One is looking to continue to grow and will hopefully be known world wide.

More to come about this industry and my internship next week.