Borough Market

One of the things that everyone tells you to do in London is to visit the food markets. And let me tell you, that is a very sound piece of advice. I went to Borough Market a few weeks ago and was immediately enchanted by the crowds of people weaving their way through dozens of tents, each supplying a different delicious aroma. My friends and I walked past every tent at least twice, in order to survey our options and make the best possible choice. If you are easily stressed by dozens of options, you may want to prepare yourself when visiting a market where everything, and I mean pretty much everything, looks and smells like it could be the best thing you will ever eat.

I made the executive decision that I needed a donut upon arrival. I found a stand that was filled with delicious looking homemade pastries and when I practically started drooling, I knew I was at the right place. I got a plain donut with vanilla-bean filling and it was nothing short of life-changing.


After a short sugar-induced state of happiness, I continued my survey of the market. My friend Lauren and I met up with our other friends and gave them the low-down of our top choices so far and we all decided to go to a place on the corner that featured a “Unicorn Breakfast” sandwich with pulled pork and mac n’ cheese. I got a chicken pesto sandwich that was quite delicious.


Post-lunch we were all in slight food-comas and walked around a few more food stalls before heading out. The magic of the market was winding down as people began to sell their last meals of the late afternoon.

We left Borough market and decided to walk along the South Bank, partly to get some exercise after all of our food and also because it turned out to be one of the nicest days we had experienced here. After walking along the river for a while, we took the tube to Trafalgar Square and took in the view. Sitting with the lions, we watched the crowds of people and the traffic that was ever-constant in the traffic circles. The scene of red double-decker buses passing by with a distant view of Big Ben in the background is hard to beat.

All in all, my day in Borough Market turned out to be one of my favorite (and tastiest) days in London so far.