The Best Is Yet to Come

My first week at Vivid Edge was full of excitement. Since the first day, my bosses asked me to join them in a telephone meeting with a company’s consultant. I was amazed how they wanted me to be part of their team since day one.

During the first day, I was assigned to create a chart and compare one of our current clients’ ethical requirements with Vivid Edge policy to see if all of them were correctly addressed in our policy document. Then, I recreated an employee training module for the company using a more developed system with hyperlinks as a training exam. Throughout the week, I also started developing new strategies for the company’s digital marketing. I took charge of their social media on LinkedIn and Twitter trying to maintain both pages active. Posting what makes our company different from others has been my target to stand out the company profile. I have also built a list with further steps we should take to gain more followers on both social media accounts as well as implement a well-designed marketing plan for the future.

Besides all the challenging work I had this first week, I also had the pleasure to have a company lunch with my bosses at the end of it. They were both curious about my background and my personal life. Irish people would ask you and talk to you as if you were friends ever since. They are not reluctant at all to get to know you more and even ask personal questions.

Getting to know more about Vivid Edge and how the company itself works has been incredibly exciting throughout this week. Next week, I have the opportunity to go with the Technical Director of my company to the Smart and Green Building Expo. It is an event to connect buyers and sellers of smart building and sustainable building technology, and at the same time learn more about the latest trends and opportunities in the areas of energy management, building design, IT, project management, and engineering.

And yes, the best is yet to come!

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