New Adventures, New Zealand

My third week in Sydney has not disappointed.  I’m still loving my internship and I’m starting to get more comfortable with my co-workers.  My immediate supervisor, Sarah, is the best boss I’ve ever had and probably ever will have.  She involves me in everything she is currently working on – I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m basically her shadow in my last post.  It provides me with a lot of learning opportunities and exposure to every aspect of marketing.  I really like the diverse amount of projects she takes on and the fact that she trusts me with responsibilities regarding them is already rewarding.

This weekend was a long weekend in Sydney due to the Queen’s Birthday so my roommates and I took the opportunity to take a trip to Queenstown, New Zealand.  We left Thursday night and came back Monday night so we had a full four days there.  New Zealand is the most beautiful country I’ve ever been to.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Sydney, but nothing can compare to the back drop views of The Remarkables mountain range.  Literally everywhere you go in Queenstown you have a view of the mountains.  I’m still not over how stunning they were.

It was an action packed weekend as we had booked something to do every part of every day to make sure we stayed busy and could experience as much of New Zealand as possible.  We zip lined through the mountains, took two different boat tours through the multiple rivers and lakes around the area, experienced the night life, did an off-roading tour through some of the places Lord of the Rings was filmed, and took a helicopter up to the top of The Remarkables.  All of the activities we did were amazing, I just don’t have any other words to describe them.  This was definitely one of the best weekends of my life and if I ever get a chance to go back to Queenstown I’d take it.

One of the most standout things that happened this weekend was the fact that my roommates and I referred to going back to Sydney as going back home.  In just three short weeks we’ve become so comfortable here that we can call it a second home.  I’m so incredibly happy I took this opportunity and I hope this trip continues to be as amazing as it already is.