Thoughts on Travel

As a child I lived abroad for two years in Istanbul, Turkey. I think it’s because of this experience that I was so eager to study abroad and make a new country my home. The whole concept of completely changing your environment and surrounding yourself in a new culture is very appealing to me. Since I used to live abroad, I did my fair share of traveling to new places. Granted, I was pretty young, but I do remember most of them. A couple of these places include Spain, Egypt, Rome, Greece, and more.

Even more recently, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to visit countries with my family. These more recent places would include Ireland, Scotland, Mexico, Peru, and Croatia. The point I’m working towards is that, although briefly, I’ve been very fortunate to visit some beautiful countries with great history and sights. I can officially say that I truly am addicted to traveling and going out of my comfort zone. When deciding to study abroad in the Czech Republic I considered a couple of major factors. First of all, I wanted the country I was staying in to have an interesting history, beautiful sights everywhere, and a new place for me that would also allow be to gain a new perspective. Prague fulfilled all those factors for me with some extra bonuses!

I can honestly say that I am loving this experience even more than I possibly imagined. My work environment, the city, and my future travel plans for countries near by have all kept me excited and busy. Travel for me accomplishes its job if I gain a new perspective on anything whether it’s history, different cultures, or simple things like food. I hope my summer study abroad experience continues to be as wonderful as it has been so far!