La pasantía

Buen día!

I am officially beginning my third week here in Buenos Aires and I cannot believe how time is flying by. It feels as if I have just arrived! I do not like to think that I am already half way through my program.

I have now been attending my internship for two weeks. Like I mentioned in my previous blog post I will be working for Fundación Tzedaká, a non-profit organization that helps to fight against poverty in Buenos Aires. For two days a week, a fellow student and I are stationed at Tzédek, which is a joint initiative through the foundation. It is a center whose goal is to channel donations of items or goods of any kind. I worked with another group of volunteers sorting through articles of worn clothing. Volunteering at this specific program allows us to get an understanding of how this NGO runs. I have been brainstorming ways to see how the sorting process can be done more efficiently as hundreds of donations come to the center every day. Communication was challenging as we had to conduct everything in Spanish, but it was a great opportunity to practice. You also never know what you will find while at the donation center. This past Monday, I found a love letter from 1987!


Along with this,  I will be conducting interviews with various human resource departments in order to conduct a comparative analysis with HRM in the United States and in Argentina. I will have my first interview next week with the equivalent of human resources from Tzedaká. I am interested to find out the differences that occur in the human resource department in a non-profit organization. I will then have another interview with a different company the following weekMezhirB04

My end goal for this internship is to have an understanding as to how non-profit organizations function, specifically the foundation that I am working for. I plan on asking questions and gaining the most knowledge as possible. I hope that this opportunity will provide me with a deeper understanding of the host culture.