Feelin’ Peckish

I was warned before I arrived in London that the food options would be bland and gross. I have been pleasantly surprised that’s for sure. From Indian food festivals to burgers and chips at the pub, the food I’ve had has been anything but bland and gross!

There are so many international cuisine options here. I’ve had Italian, Venezuelan, Vietnamese, Afro-Portuguese, British, Indian, and American food so far. I’ve also grown to love the local British coffee chain, Costa, and can’t imagine how sad I will feel when I go back home to the States and can’t get a ham and cheese toastie with sweet potato crisps and an iced caramel latte anymore.

Last week I went to Maxwell’s Bar & Grill for “freakshakes” with my friends. They come in all different flavors from bubblegum to Oreo cookie. I split a salted caramel donut shake with my friend, and it was delicious.

Camden Market is a block away from my apartment, and I love to go there and look at all of the different food stands. I tried an arepa (fried cornbread-like dough served with chicken, beef, pico de gallo, cheese, and guacamole) and plantain chips from a Venezuelan food stand the other day, and I enjoyed it very much.

Since I work in Carnaby, which is a main shopping and touristy area in Soho, I am constantly surrounded by great food options. Some of the places on my list to try out in the next two weeks during my lunch breaks are The Detox Kitchen and Island Poke. The Detox Kitchen has healthful salads, wraps, and cleansing juices and Island Poke serves one of the best acai bowls in London.

While I still won’t eat beans for breakfast or mayo on my chips, I would say that I’m definitely diversifying my taste in food here in London!


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