Learning my Environment

As my third week of work begins I’m understanding my company more and more. This past week I have continued to contact people about their interest in distressed securities and NPLs and if they have any desire to attend our European Investment Summit. One thing that I have learned to pay attention to is the global environment that I am in. I need to be cautious about what countries I am contacting and what programs I would be placing these countries into. There is currently some strife amongst the EU with all that is happening and not all nations get along. An example of this would be Cyprus and Turkey. Our next Investment Summit is taking place in Greece so I have been placed with the task of contacting Investors and Lawyers from the South Central and Southeastern European countries. There is currently an ongoing conflict between Cyprus and Turkey that I had no idea about. I found this out the hard way when I sent a turkish investor an email gauging his interest in the conference. He then asked me what other countries would be participating and I sent him a list  that contained Cyprus. His immediate response was that because Cyprus is included in the conference that he will be unable to attend. I was shocked when I received this response and after asking my coworkers I found out that this happens from time to time. Although many people can look past the conflicts that are going on between their respective countries I am now aware that I need to do more research and be more cautious with who I am contacting. When working in a Global Environment there is a lot more to pay attention to compared to working in the States.

On a lighter note, this past weekend me and three other students went on our first trip outside the Czech republic. We traveled to Budapest, Hungary. It was an unreal experience from visiting the famous Gellert thermal baths to walking among the castles in Fishermans Bastian. The culture of Budapest was similar to Prague but much more Eastern. The trip was incredible and I can’t wait for our next adventure!HunterJ05