Lexi in London: Venturing Outside London

Hello again!

A few weekends ago, my friends and I traveled to see Stonehenge and the Roman Baths. I am not sure about anyone else, but I thought the stones were about 30 or 40 feet tall, so I was very surprised when I saw them and realized they were only about 12-15 feet in height. However, it was still mind boggling. Some of the stones weigh heavier than a coach bus full of people. So it is truly astonishing to wonder how people 2000 years ago managed to move all of the stones over 300 kilometers to their current location.

Next we went to the city of Bath. Our tour guide told us that the people of Bath adore their buildings’ architecture, and why wouldn’t they? — It’s beautiful. They have townhouses arranged in perfect circles or semi circles and each one has intense detail. You can see the heart that they put into making this city so appealing to the eye.

Thousands of a years ago, the Roman Baths area was discovered. I learned that a man’s pig was ill with the flu, but after drinking the water, he was magically healed. They turned the area into a bathing area for the locals. Although the water had magical healing powers back in the day, a tour guide told us to not touch the water because the bacteria could make us very ill.

Although I love London, it was amazing to travel somewhere else — and to see the beautiful countryside.

Talk to you soon,

Lexi (see some pictures below!)

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