Value Network Principles

NGO’s are interesting businesses to be working for because their sources of funding and allocation of resources differs dramatically from for-profit businesses. My company relies on funds to support our overseas projects in Haiti, Senegal, and Madagascar, as well as for funding the two salary workers, and maintenance of our office here in France.

Our primary source of funding comes from our two large “vente’s” or sales, where we raise thousands of euros by selling donated goods, and we then work off this money up until the next sale. An event of this magnitude takes ~100 volunteers, and hundreds of sponsors to successfully execute. To supplement these sales, we are constantly contacting sponsors, charitable organizations, and companies, and asking for donations, grant submissions, and partnership proposals. In fact, I found it funny that many well-known designers such as Ralph Lauren, Isabel Marant, and Agnes B. are all consistent sponsors of our organization!

Once we receive these funds, people either go on-site to our centers and buy whatever they need, or we send them care-package type things. It is more common that we send people on site for a few months at a time because it is actually less expensive than constantly shipping packages, and risking them getting misplaced or stolen along the way. For those benevolent souls who wish to visit the centers, they must remain patient, caring, and selfless because the living conditions are not always so great. Here back at the office, we are constantly networking and reaching out, trying to get donations, so that we can improve the quality of life for the kids in these centers.

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