Michael Grande – IIP Berlin Blog 6 – Industry Analysis

This week I spent most of my time at work and trying to see different places around Berlin. It’s such a big city and I feel the need to explore as much as possible. My friends and I tried two different biergartens after work and I also went to this really awesome tearoom. It is designed to resemble the Soviet era in Berlin, and decorated as a traditional Turkish tearoom. Afterwards, we went and hung out by Museum Island and just chilled out like locals. Finally – I’m blending in a little bit.

I also got some new projects at work this week and started designing their Kickstarter page. In designing their page, I have to keep in mind that their product needs to stand out in such a saturated market. They are technically in the wearables industry, despite designing an activity tracker that is not meant to be worn, but rather places in your shoes as an insole. Their main competitors are Fitbit, Strava, Nike, and really any wearable on the market. My small startup has to compete with well established firms, so it’s definitely a challenge to figure out how to make NWTN stand out as a viable option for consumers. Overall, I think their product is unique enough that consumers will see the benefits and hopefully make a purchase, or back the Kickstarter campaign.