The Laundry Business

Hey everyone,

I have been pretty busy with my internship over the past few weeks. As a business analyst for Luxer One, I have been doing research for the subdivisions of the company, Laundry Locker and Drop Locker. Laundry Locker’s business revolves around an innovative way to do laundry and dry cleaning and Drop Locker is the actual software that is used in Luxer One/Laundry Locker. I have done an analysis on various competitors in the industry of laundromats and dry cleaners in order to get a better idea of prices in these business models. I have also been working on marketing strategies for the actual Laundry Locker stores in order to improve efficiency and appeal for potential customers. I have been mainly using Microsoft excel and Zoho. It has been rewarding learning new things and I am eager to broaden my skill set.

In regards to the value network principles, Laundry Locker offers dry cleaning, wash and fold, home delivery, bag and shoe repairs and package delivery. Laundry Locker has various store locations all around San Francisco. A Laundry Locker store consists of a room full of lockers and each locker has a digital keypad and lock for safety. There are cameras in the store as well but there are no actual employees in the stores. Customers swipe a credit card they have registered in the Laundry Locker app which gives them access to the door and the lockers. They leave their clothes in a locker, pick a 4-digit code, type in specific directions into the app, and their laundry or dry cleaning returns within 48 hours. Laundry Locker has various vans that do daily routes at the stores to pick up the laundry. They operate in manufacturing plant and that is where all the dry cleaning and laundry is done. The business model is based on convenience and efficiency and this is what attracts customers.

Upcoming technological advances in laundromat/dry cleaning would help the industry thrive but sometimes paying too much for technology that has a lot of bugs and defects may not be worth the investment. A lot can go wrong on a daily basis in the manufacturing plant such as sending an order to the wrong person, accidentally damaging a piece of clothing, or losing customers articles of clothing. The longer the clothes stay in the plant, the higher the chance that something goes wrong. The workforce must be well equipped and careful when dealing with any sort of delicate clothing. They must also be as efficient as possible because time is a factor as well. Customer satisfaction is a vital area of this industry because repeat customers build a business. Laundry Locker is continuing to search for ways to improve its business and as long as they keep their customers happy, they are heading towards the right direction.


Thanks for the read. Until next week,