Why SF

The decision for me to go to San Francisco was about gaining professional experience in a new city with a big tech scene. I value making the right decision in choosing where I want to live after graduation and I wanted to see what the West Coast would be like.

I have heard a lot about SF from various people and have heard nothing but great things but it’s hard to know how you’d fit in to the culture without actually living it. I had heard things like the people are very laid back, friendly and positive but also motivated and competitive.

As I look back on the month I’ve been here, I feel very comfortable and really enjoy the lifestyle. My main impression has come from the people I have met through work and just randomly while doing different things in the city. The people fit the stereotype. In addition, there is so much to do here no matter your interests. For someone with fairly diverse interests, a place like this definitely has been a good fit.

In the past, my travel experiences have been with larger groups of people and so far I’ve had more independent time than expected. This has been a change of pace but it’s really good experience for the “real world”. It makes me feel like I can make a home wherever I go.

I can say I don’t need to live in San Francisco to be happy but I would enjoy it a lot if given the opportunity. However, what I have learned is that I do need to replicate the company culture the best way I can wherever I do get a job. Good advice I’ve gotten is that I’m interviewing companies just as much as they are interviewing me. I know I want to be in a smaller and more casual environment with a lot of collaboration. This experience has allowed me to see that more than ever.

Until next time.