Interning Abroad

MarriottFor the past few weeks, I have been interning in the Human Resources Department of the London Marriott Marble Arch Hotel. I have had a great experience so far and cannot say enough how great it is to work in a business of hospitality. All of my co-workers are friendly and have made sure that I feel welcomed.

As far as my work tasks, I have been doing a few things to help out the HR department. I have been filing and organizing documents, making flyers for events, and working on a quarterly newsletter. During my third week, I helped file and organize in preparation of an audit that Thursday of the week. Filing seems easy, however, the week was quite stressful because every certain paper had a certain place in each folder. If something was missing or in the wrong place, the auditor could take points off the final score. We ended up with a great score and the stress level has decreased.

All of the work I have been doing has definitely opened my eyes to how much goes into running a successful hotel with not only happy customers, but also happy employees. In terms of hard skills, I have learned how to make effective flyers and presentations. In terms of soft skills, I have had more practice in communicating with other cultures.