Amazing Weekend in Wales


Sorry I haven’t been keeping you updated, I have been super busy with school and work. Also with the program coming to an end… only a little over a week left 🙁

Today’s blog is about my weekend trip to Wales! When I told people I was going to Wales many were confused and didn’t understand what I would be doing there. I was going on an adventure weekend!

Before leaving I had no idea what to expect. When we arrived we got to the train station, which was in the middle of nowhere, and boarded a bus to the lodge. The streets were windy, narrow country roads. Once we arrived we had dinner cooked for us, and finally retired for a night of hanging out.

The next morning we work up bright and early for a day jam packed with activity. Our first activity was Coasteering. I think it’s safe to assume almost no one in the United States knows what this is, honestly, none of us knew what it was until we were doing it!

Coasteering involves swimming out into the water and climbing rocks which you then jump from. We swam through caves and even saw a seal! We would follow our guide, Sam, up the rocks and then he would tell us where it was safe to jump. We all had a blast!

After coasteering we went back for lunch and then embarked on our 4.25 mile self guided hike. The instructions given were to walk along the coast until you got to “our beach”. Which was the beach next to the lodge, were we had been to the night prior. This didn’t go over so well. 8 miles later – we finally got service and realized we had walked 2 miles past the beach. It was exhausting, but the views were worth it!

Sunday morning we had our final activity – Kayaking! This was definitely my favorite. It wasn’t your typical pond kayaking where the water is calm so you had to be extremely cautious! We kayaked over 2 miles around the coast- and like all the other activities the views were to die for!

Overall, I had an amazing adventurous weekend in Wales. I could not have asked for a better weekend away. Although, I love London it was so nice to escape to the country side and see such natural beauty. I definitely hope I can go back to Wales again!