One Month in Dublin

It has been already a month since I arrived in Dublin, and it seems it was yesterday when I was packing my luggage to come here to Ireland. In just a month, I feel I have done a lot personally and professionally. I have not left yet and I know I am going to miss this place so much, its culture, its people, my office, and my coworkers. I also believe I will be experiencing the reverse culture shock once I go back to the States, poor me!

This week has been challenging for me because I am not a Finance major, so I did not expect to be working with balance sheets and the company’s transactions at my workplace. However, I found it very interesting and useful to be working in this field as well. I had to collect the company’s transactions from the past six months. I also updated the trial balance and had to build a new sheet on excel with all the company’s fixed assets and calculated the current period depreciation. Although I did not have any experience doing these finance duties, I think I both enjoyed it and put all my effort to do a great job.

On the other hand, on Saturday this week, I will be assisting to one of the most attractive traditional Irish music and dance shows: Riverdance. Since I was a kid, I used to watch Riverdance stars dancing on TV, and I still remember telling my mom I wanted to go to a live Riverdance show one day. I could not be more excited about it; making this dream come true. Irish dancing is part of the Irish culture, lifestyle, and tradition since the eighteenth century. It is a way to celebrate not only life but also Irish music through their feet. Riverdance has placed Irish dance on the international stage; therefore, I had heard and watched Irish dancing since I was little, knowing almost nothing about Irish culture in itself.