Organizational Culture

Hey everyone,

I have decided to write about the company/professional issues about Laundry Locker and Drop Locker. The organizational culture for this industry varies as each job has different daily requirements and expectations. When I worked with the inside sales team, the environment was informal and open. The team was answering calls and dealing with clients all day. Their work was based off communication and figuring out the challenges clients faced. Building a relationship with a client requires less structural work as each client has a unique situation. The marketing team was very similar to the sales team. Their work is based on creativity and a structural setting would hinder potential opportunities for growth. These teams do not have to come into the office every day of the week. As a matter of fact, most of them work at home or in public locations like coffee shops/malls. They can be anywhere in the world as long as they get their work done. I have found that sometimes a change in the environment can be extremely beneficial when it comes to producing new ideas.

The side of the industry that is more structural are the executive employees, customer service/operations side, the drivers, and the plant employees. These positions need to be organized at all times so things run smoothly across all ends of the company. Every day there are conflicts that need to be addressed whether it be a special request on an order, someone forgot to pick up their order, etc. Customer service needs to have solutions to these problems to ensure that the drivers do not have issues. It is common for a conflict to have a chain reaction. An issue in the operations side can affect the plant employees and vice versa. Something that recently affected the company happened in the dry cleaning process. A pen was left in a shirt and it exploded and ruined around 30 shirts. This mistake may seem minimal, but it could cost the company thousands of dollars. The price of the ruined shirts, cleaning costs, and potential lost revenue from repeat customers adds up to a lot of money. This is why this side of the company must be organized and extremely detail oriented to ensure that conflicts like these do not occur.

Looking forward to what work has in store for me this week. Until then.