“our lips are sealed” – Mary Kate and Ashley

One thing that I’ve noticed since starting work at a non-profit is the informal organizational culture. We have meetings every week where everyone, from the boss to the interns, gather to share ideas and what is happening in their job. It’s a very open and creative environment with people bouncing ideas off their coworkers all the time.

The one thing I didn’t expect was how quiet the office is. The floor I work on is all very young people, so coming in I assumed it would be fun and lively but it is actually really quiet. People don’t really talk from their desks unless they have a question or idea. When they are talking, they are usually whispering. I had no idea how true the stereotype that Americans speak really loudly was until I started work here. Even when I think I am talking lowly, the whole office can hear me.

I have found that I enjoy the laid back office style where everyone is friendly and open to ideas. I also have found that I like the quiet office environment because I can get my work done in peace and everyone else is working hard. It’s a lot less stressful than having to have conversations constantly with coworkers.