Some Fantastic Progress

I left this week feeling very accomplished about my progress at work. After finishing the automation project with my fellow interns, I had to (unfortunately at the time) return to my first project, working on the Archimate Tool. Before I switched over to the automation tool, I was really struggling with Archimate and did not want to return to working on it. Apparently though, the break did wonders for me. I very quickly finished one of my projects and it is now being tested by KPMG. I then started working on the next project and have almost finished that one too. Things are moving quite swimmingly.

Since I switched to Computer Science very late in the game, I have always felt a sort of inadequacy when it came to my programming skills. I am surrounded by lifelong programmers and computer nerds who have been breathing code since a young age; I first wrote code my senior year of high school. So, needless to say, I was not confident that I would succeed in the “real world” with my major. I very happily have proven myself wrong. I have felt very strong about my programming skills recently and feel confident that, leaving college, I will be able to secure a job. My problem is that my resume is relatively week in terms of CS experience. As much as I believe that I am a quick learner and could adapt to an internship, it is really hard to sell that to companies when there are so many experienced programmers applying for the same job. I am hoping that this summer internship will help boost my resume and put me into consideration for more positions.