A Few of My Favorite Things

As my time here in London is winding down, it is time to step back and look at a few of my favorite things.

  • Green Spaces: Regent’s Park is my go-to park as it is only a few minutes walk from my apartment and includes many things to see and do. Primrose Hill is a popular location in the park where you can look over the skyline of London to see The London Eye, The Shard, and more. Regent’s park is also home to a smaller garden called the Queen’s Garden. It is full of colorful roses and ornate landscaping. My favorite thing to do is run through Regent’s Park on a nice day and see the open grassy fields and ponds full of fun animals. I also make sure to go along a path that takes me along the back of the zoo where you can peak over the bushes to see the camels. I have also been to Hyde Park and Green Park. Hyde Park is home to The Serpentine (a large pond), Kensington Gardens, and Kensington Palace, rose gardens, biking trails, and more. Green park neighbors Buckingham Palace. Green spaces are not limited to the parks, however, you can find a row of trees or groupings of flowers all over the city!
  • Entertainment: From street performers to West End shows, London hosts a wide variety of theatrical entertainment. I saw Les Miserables at the Queen’s Theater my fourth week in London and it was definitely one of the highlights of my trip! The actors and actresses were phenomenal and the orchestra was unbelievable. The stage had a rotating circular center that kept the movement of the play lively and engaging; it made for a great show. Walking along Southbank and popular shopping areas, there will always be a variety of street performers. I’ve seen many of these performers from the living status to acrobatic acts.
  • Food: Of course one of the best things about travelling (in my opinion) is the food! One of my go-to places to pick up lunch or dinner is the Camden Market. Only a couple blocks from my place and filled with delicious vendors with a variety of options. I’ve had the pasta made in a cheese wheel, falafels, and the delicious Indian food, and there is still so much more to try! One of my favorite restaurants that I have eaten at in London is called Steak and Co. My friend recommended the restaurant to me and it was definitely a great choice. You choose your cut of steak, butter, seasoning, and sauce. Then, they bring your steak out on a hot stone cooked rare and its up to you to decide how much more to cook your steak. It was certainly a fun and unique experience.

The lively city has brought an abundance of things to do and see and the things listed above are just a few of the many I have enjoyed during my time in London.