My Marketing Campaign

In the last few weeks or so, the main project that I have been working on in my internship has been preparing materials for a marketing campaign that will launch within the coming weeks. I was the person responsible for creating and organizing a large majority of the content that will make up the campaign and it is finally coming together. At first, it all felt like one individual task after another and wasn’t always that interesting. Now that I am starting to see the end result begin to take shape, work has been a little more exciting. A similar campaign had already been launched for the Spanish market and mine was the version meant for the USA office and their clients. I had mentioned in my mid way paper that the main challenge for the company is gaining new clients which makes this even more special since the main purpose of this campaign is to lay out the various reasons whey business owners decide to sell their company in order to help some potential clients realize that they’re in a similar position.

Making the materials for this campaign has forced me to learn several different new skills that will be extremely useful, like how to manage the software that creates email newsletters, other graphics and similar content, as well as creating the actual website. In a way it feels like I had a sort of base that I had built from some of the individual tasks that I had worked on in and that this was a kind of final culmination project that pooled together all the necessary skills to complete.

Having this opportunity to work at a company through an internship program has been much more helpful than I had ever previously imagined. The fact that it was in a foreign country and combined with a study abroad program makes it even better and I feel like I am starting to check off some of the goals that I had set prior to arriving in country and its starting to sink in that my time here is almost over.