Briana Jeter: IIP Berlin Blog 6

Company/Professional Issues

Like other firms in the start-up legal technology business sector, the organization is very focused, driven and hard working in order to continuously push the firm in the direction of long-term success. In the world of start-ups, many companies focus on establishing the identity of their organization, coming up with and executing the best growth strategy, and building relationships. With the uncertainty of success of failure looming for many start-ups, these companies tend to be very organized, methodic and strategic. The organization that I am interning with this summer embodies these qualities. Within the organization there are several different groups/teams that work on and contribute to a certain aspect of the organization. The office is even has a layout that caters to the different teams being able to sit amongst each other. The firm is very organized in the sense that within each team, each person has individual goals that are set to promote growth and contribute to goal setting on a a broader team level. Each team or department also has group goals and funnel into a specific project set by the overall company for that quarter. While there may be a new project or goal to work toward each quarter, the company is very open and transparent is meeting about what the overall goals are and what teams/individuals need to accomplish to realize these goals. While they are very organized and mechanical in the structure of teams within the organization, they are very relaxed and informal when it comes to interactions amongst one another. My coworkers are very young, down to earth and friendly. From being able to wear whatever you want, listen to music while doing work, or taking a break in the lounge full of pillows the company focuses less on frivolous things and more on creating and fostering an atmosphere that helps employees feel comfortable enough to focus on their work without worrying about having to follow the usual strict rules/codes of a normal office environment.

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