University of Nicosia

Classes at the University of Nicosia are a bit different from classes at Pitt for a few reasons.  First, they never start on time.  The culture in Cyprus is not very prompt and classes tend to start about fifteen minutes later than the scheduled time; even the professors are usually late.  Also, both of my classes are very small.  There are eight of us in the Business Communications class and six of us in the Finance class.  I am the only American in both of my classes and occasionally the other students will ask the professor questions in Greek which can make things a little hard to follow at times.  Overall, I am enjoying both classes though and finding them to be very manageable.

The University of Nicosia is much smaller than Pitt making it very easy to get around and find everything.  I have only visited the library once but it seemed nice but on the smaller side.  The food from the cafeteria is very affordable and nearly as good as any of the restaurants nearby.  Everyone at the university has been kind and helpful and I am extremely happy and grateful that I ended up here.