Lexi in London: Trunkaroo

Hi everyone!

Over these past six weeks I have gotten the privilege to intern at a startup company called Trunkaroo. Trunkaroo designs hands-on projects for children from ages three to eight and delivers them through a monthly subscription. I am a very passionate and hard worker, and I love children. Therefore, when I realized I had an opportunity to work as a marketing and research intern for Trunkaroo, I was ecstatic.

Over the course of the six weeks that I have been here, not only have I learned a lot, but I have also done a lot. Since I did so many tasks, I am going to list them in chronological order:

  • Made back seat bingo cards
  • Went through articles to find contact information to help promote Trunkaroo
  • Hand delivered a trunk to ensure efficiency and maintain good relations with a great customer
  • Made trunks & delivered trunks
  • Organized and created shipping labels
  • Found Instagram and Facebook social media followers of bloggers
  • Researched top primary schools in the UK to contact and to send them information about Trunkaroo
    • Created labels to ship to primary schools & nurseries
    • Made voucher codes (either $10 off or a free box) for each
    • Created goody bags with tea bags & stamped the trunkaroo logo on it
  • Noted in a spreadsheet where each person who ordered a “trunk” heard about Trunkaroo through cookies and business analytics

I am so very grateful to have had Sahar Meghani as my supervisor. I could not have asked for a more kind and helpful individual to guide and help me become a more experienced worker. I believe that Trunkaroo has a bright future because of her determination and perseverance, and I am glad that I had the chance to positively affect the company’s success!

Thanks for listening,