The final days

Hey guys!

This is officially my last blog in London! I truly cannot believe how fast these 6 weeks have gone. I am so grateful I had this opportunity to fall in love with London. For my final blog I am going to write my list of highlights&must do’s for studying abroad in London!

  1. The Southbank – such a nice area especially in the beginning when you’re still feeling touristy!
  2. Camden Market – AMAZING food
  3. Indian Food – So many great authentic places
  4. Fish and Chips – An obvious one
  5. Traditional Pubs – Really fun places to go and feel like a local!
  6. Get away to an English (OR Welsh!!!) country side – I loved Wales because I got to get away from the city and experience the rural areas of the United Kingdom.
  7. Eat Sainsbury meal deals – so good and so cheap
  8. Costa Coffee – Like Starbucks, but better!
  9. Ride the Tube as much as possible – I seriously am going to miss the Tube so much!
  10. Hyde Park – A beautiful area to relax

Overall, I had an amazing time in London and cannot wait to come back!!




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