The Wind-Down Towards Vacation

As the month of July quickly approaches, there has been a shift in the energy of the office. When I first arrived, we had 5 interns, two assistants, and the Directrice. Now, it is just one assistant, the Directrice, and myself. At first it was really difficult to adjust to a smaller team because there were many more tasks to do throughout the day on top of my ongoing projects, but now things have settled down.

The Directrice is going to Madagascar in two weeks so that has been her main focus. My tasks in the office have been helping wrap up all the formalities of her travel in addition to ensuring that the office and all my ongoing projects are in good standing for when we both leave. Before I leave I have to help finish inventory of our concept store, finish a grant proposal for the company Lush, and finish a Subvention demand for a sponsor called Diakonie. None of these tasks really take higher precedence over one another, so it is up to my discretion to manage and ultimately decide their order of importance.

In the beginning of my internship I noticed that everyone would stay well-past their official “end of the day.” Sometimes we would continue working for up to two hours past our clock-out time.  As the weeks go on, we’ve been more sticking to our contractual hours and leaving at 18h. It’ll be interesting to see what the environment is like next week!