Analysis of Dublin Marketing Industry – Noah

MailliardN09Throughout the past few weeks I have become immensely exposed to and involved in the promotional projects that my internship firm, HeadCase, is known for. Among these projects are ecocabs, which are large bicycle-like vehicles that are branded with big names, whose products vary depending on the company or cause being represented. Every ecocab promotional campaign brings about a fair amount of tasks and challenges, such as transportation of the cabs to the campaign site, establishing communication with the brand company, and gathering all the necessary materials for the event. In the marketing industry, one the biggest opportunities is the opportunity for firms to exert creative elements in their practices, which in the long run distinguishes them from competition. HeadCase’s innovative approaches is what gave them their reputation in Dublin. Because of practices like the use of ecocabs, this industry is of interest to business professionals because it brings instant and distinct public recognition to brands, which is a necessity for big and upcoming companies.