Hello again! As I approach the end of my study abroad experience, I just wanted to talk about the classes I took here in Sydney. I enrolled in Operations Management and The Australasian Nightmare (a cinema course), both of which were taught by Pitt professors. Although the classes were VERY different from each other, I enjoyed how small and individualized the courses were. I learned so much throughout both classes but at the same time, my professors encouraged us to explore Australia to truly appreciate this unique experience.

Last week was actually a very busy week for both my classes. On Wednesday, I gave a presentation on a the film The Last Wave. Then, the following day I had an exam for my Operations Management course. I prepared a lot for both, so I’m hoping I did well.

Every week, I usually have outside the classroom assignments to complete in order to reinforce old material or prepare for the upcoming week in both classes. I’m glad I took such different classes because the work I do for each class stimulates different areas of thinking for me. In my cinema class I tend do more writing assignments but in Operations, I have a lot of math and problem solving assignments.

It is crazy to think that next week is my last week of classes! Right now I am working on my final paper for Australasian Nightmare; tomorrow I will probably spend time preparing for my final exam for Operations Management. I am still astounded by how much I have learned in such a short time.

I’m going to leave now to get back to my essay, but I will be back soon to write about more of my journey!




PS- the picture featured is of my Operations Management class, with Professor GG Hegde in the middle!