Sydney Update

During my last couple weeks in June here in Sydney, I have went on many different trips and activities with our program. These trips include: a day trip to the Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, a weekend trip to Cairns, a tour of the Sydney Opera House, Roar and Snore, and surfing lessons at Bondi Beach. These trips were something that I was looking forward to throughout the entire trip and I am very glad that I got to experience them with my friends.

Our program went to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains for a day a couple weeks ago, and honestly it was amazing. It was cloudy and cold which were the only downsides, but I thought that the views were just as breathtaking. The hike was about two hours, but the tough part was that we had to go down about 800 feet (I think) in elevation and then back up. Regardless of the physical exertion of the hike, the views of the fog covered mountains were amazing.

Over the long weekend, our roommates went up to Cairns to experience the northern part of Australia. We mainly went up there to go on a Great Barrier Reef diving tour, but my experience was cut short because I got sea sick for the entire trip. I got in the water for about 10 minutes and then I got out because the choppiness of the water was making me sick. I did get to see some of the reef and see some fish so I was still happy that I got experience it. However, I wish I wouldn’t have had to pay $200 for me to throw up for 8 hours straight.

Recently our program went on two different trips, one to the Sydney Opera House and the other to the Toronga Zoo. The Opera House tour was kind of interesting, but I thought it would be more eventful. We were shown all the rooms and learned about the history of it, but I was expecting to see a little more but I wasn’t disappointed. This past Monday our program went to the Toronga Zoo where we did a Roar and Snore. This was one of the best experiences I think I had on the trip here, but I am not surprised since it is rated to be in the top ten of zoo experiences in the world. We were given a night time tour of the zoo and the guides we had gave us personal insights on what it is like working with some of the exotic animals of Australia. Then in the morning we were given breakfast and we went on another tour where we got to feed animals their breakfast such as giraffes.

Finally, I got accomplish one of the things that I wanted to do most while here which was surfing at Bondi Beach. Four of my other roommates and I went to Bondi Beach this past Sunday where we took a two surfing lesson. First off surfing is much tougher than it looks, and it requires a lot of dedication if you want to be good at it. We learned all the steps to successfully learn how to surf and then we went out into the waves to see if we could pull it off. It took me about a hundred times but I made it all the way to the shore three times from about 50-70 feet out. I was very impressed with myself, and the camera man got some good shots of me so I will always be able to remember that experience.

This concludes this post for the month of June, and my next one will be my final one for the trip. I leave in a week so my next post will be summary of everything I did and what I thought of my stay here in Sydney.