Last Day Abroad!

Well, the day has come. It is officially my last day in London, and while I am sad to leave I am excited to go back home. This experience was definitely not what I had imagined – I mean this in a good way, though! I think many times when you imagine study abroad, you imagine a romanticized version of it. But, it’s really not like that. (At least not all of the time.) There’s a lot of work involved, culture shock, and you will miss home.

However, I had an amazing time abroad. For future travelers, here is a list of my favorite locations in London that I experienced over the last 6 weeks.

In London, I would definitely recommend visiting Shoreditch, Brick Lane, Westminster, South Bank, and Notting Hill. Shoreditch and Brick Lane have a very cool hipster type vibe, and the streets are covered in Street Art. It was by far my favorite area of London. Westminster is your classic tourist area; this is where Big Ben is, the London Eye, and Westminster Abbey. South Bank is a close walk from here, and just a beautiful area along  the Thames to explore. Lastly, Notting Hill and Portobello Road Market are must sees.

I had a great time abroad, and I am sad it’s coming to an end. However, its an experience I will remember forever. See you tomorrow Pittsburgh!