Communication is Key

This past weekend me and two other interns travelled to Innsbruck, Austria to visit the Alps. It was a very unique experience and definitely took me out of my comfort zone. Innsbruck was the first place I’ve been on my trip were the language barrier was quite difficult. In Prague and everywhere else I have gone everyone speaks english or there is an english speaker nearby who can help translate. That was not the case in Innsbruck. Everything was all german and most of the people there didn’t speak any english at all. Those that were bilingual spoke Italian as their second language since Italy was only 20 miles away. This became a problem when we were having trouble with our bus tickets. Neither the bus attendant or the driver spoke any english and trying to figure out our tickets was one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve had. We had changed our tickets so that we could leave earlier in the day because we were all exhausted and had work the next day. We tried explaining our situation for twenty minutes with no progress being made. Eventually a man walking by intervened and was able to translate for us. Everything worked out and we were able to get back to Prague. That was by far the most lost I have felt this summer. Being able to always communicate is something I have definitely taken for granted my whole time abroad. This experience was a great reminder that I am in a foreign place and have to be prepared for anything while traveling. The rest of the trip was incredible and being at the top of the alps was breathtaking.