Anest in Berlin Week 8

July is here and I’m a bit disappointed that I’ll be missing July 4th back home on Tuesday as it is one of my favorite holidays. But nonetheless July also marks our last month in Berlin and I don’t know how to feel about that. It feels like just yesterday we were all exploring Berlin and seeing new things and our internships were just starting, but now time is winding down. After coming back to Berlin on Monday from Italy, a rather uneventful week at work occurred and time passed by quickly. I also decided on Thursday to visit one of my friends in Bremen, Germany which is about 4 hours away from Berlin for the weekend. The friend I was visiting has been my friend since we were in high school and he is spending a full year in Germany so he knew exactly where to take me once I arrived. We walked around the heart of the city and explored some cool areas, but the size of the city was much smaller and compared very similarly to Berlin. My time in Bremen was short, but well spent and glad I made the decision to go for the weekend.

I’d also like to take some time to talk about the Global/National Environment in Berlin. The online marketing sector that I am working in does not really get into any political or social details because the advertisements we make come directly from the client that wants us to help them so we do not get involved in any sort of political factors. We do stay up to date on technological factors which is of interest because we are competing with many other firms that do similar tasks as we do. The company also has to stay on top of social media movements and use ways of advertisement that would please the demographic that is trying to be reached. In terms of the economy, everything seems to be steady and as long as these clients we have continue to show interest in increasing sales, our company should be in good shape. One thing the company could improve on is innovating a little bit more and thinking a step ahead of everyone else so that we can distinguish ourselves from our competitors. With that I am going to sign off now and hopefully this week goes well as I am looking forward to taking a trip to Amsterdam on Saturday with other members of the IIP in Berlin and the IIP in Dublin!