Work Culture Differences

After working at my internship for a full month now, I really am starting to get comfortable with the work I’m given, and I notice that I’m asking less questions every day. I feel that I’ve gotten to know my co-workers a lot better over the last couple weeks, especially with their attitudes towards tourists, specifically Americans. It seems that Irish people are pretty used to American tourists and for the most part, they like us. At work, cultural differences have come up a few times, but its mostly just in the way the Irish speak. Some of the expressions I didn’t understand at first, like why everyone kept saying “cheers” so much. For the most part, I think I now understand their lingo and I’m even beginning to get used to their accents.

Another difference I’ve noticed is the more relaxed nature of deadlines. In the United States we are constantly stressed out by deadlines in the working world, but in Ireland everyone is so much more relaxed about it. I am rarely given deadlines at work, I’m mostly told to finish it whenever I can get around to it. My co-workers are also very non-confrontational about things. If I’m doing something wrong they will usually let me figure it out by myself. Overall I think the workplace attitude is a bit more relaxed than my experience working in the United States.