Designing a Well-Organized Marketing Plan

During these past days, I have been assigned to work on several immediate tasks at my workplace. They are all involved with strategies to implement and improve an organized marketing plan, especially in social media.

I realized since the beginning of my time here, the company did not have a well-designed implemented digital marketing plan. I understand they have been in the market only for a year and for a start-up is not easy to have all their ideas and plans organized during the first couple of years. As a result, I started developing new strategies for the company’s social media both LinkedIn and Twitter. Some of those strategies are for instance, maintaining both platforms actively updated and posting what makes my company different from other companies. Furthermore, I have built a list with further steps we should implement to gain more followers such as using the LinkedIn page link on employees’ email signatures, following business accounts that are related to the company’s target market, and liking and commenting what other companies post. Understanding our audience to engage them with the company posts, articles, blogs, videos, images, etc., is crucial step to succeed in implementing the company’s social media strategy plan.

At the same time, I have been working on implementing and upgrading the company’s website. I suggested making some changes to the layout of the home page, as well as update all the information provided about the company and its clients. Next week I will be working on the company’s sales pitch flyers. My job in this assignment is to design the customer pitch flyer to make it more attractive for the company’s clients.

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