Opportunities in Europe

This weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona with my parents. It was definitely an upgrade over the usual weekend trips with a fast train ride and nice hotel to stay in compared to the normal bus ride and Airbnb or hostel. Barcelona was an incredible city with lots to see and do and the weather provided a nice break from the heat in Madrid. As my program gets closer and closer to the end, I am starting to feel a little panicked about how there’s still so much in Europe that I haven’t done yet. Having to work on Fridays makes travel a little more difficult since it provides you with only 36 hours give or take to go and visit another place. I realize that the main purpose of this program was to gain some experience through an international internship and I am definitely grateful for that because I have learned a lot, but it can be a little bittersweet because at times it feels like you’re missing out on some opportunities. I think one of the things I’ve taken away from this trip is that I will definitely need to come back and explore even more and travel to more places. Without having any sort of set schedule I should really be able to get to know the places I visit and actually have a chance to just relax a little bit more rather than rush through everything just to say I did it.