Outside of Work

After work on Friday the whole team (6 of us) went to happy hour and hung out for a few hours. We do this most weeks as the CEO added mandatory fun from 5-7 to all of our calendars. It has been great relaxing with my coworkers outside of work and getting to know them better. The team is very close to each other as the founders were friends before starting the company together. They’ve made it clear to me that I can be myself and that were friends too. In my previous internship, I felt there were more boundaries with my coworkers so this has been very refreshing.

On Tuesday, we are spending July 4th together at a Lake in Oakland. They are bringing their own DJ equipment and setting up an outdoor party. It should be really fun and its always cool to hear them DJ. A few weeks back one of them was opening at a venue here and I went to see him with my roommate. Overall, the team has been one of the best parts of my experience. In addition to the great work environment, they have exposed me to some really cool music, food and bars in town. My only complaint is that they are all Warriors fans (I’m from Cleveland). On the day of the championship parade they took off work and were excited to force me to come with them. Luckily, I had my flight out of town early that morning and couldn’t go.