Another Week Down

As this trip continue to fly by, I find myself wanting to get the most out of this experience. I have started to explore Dublin and Dun Laoghaire (the city where I work) on a much more regular basis.  I often explore these cities alone just to help me take in the sights and culture better.  Work is still “grand”, as people tend to say over here, and as the days pass by I find myself becoming more of the team.  There is a certain family atmosphere to my office, this company feels like a family, and I think that contributes to their enormous success over the past few years.  This week I am contributing to the international marketing segment of the company, and I hope to help with the release of a marketing campaign that we have coming up on July 4th.

I am starting to feel less like a tourist and more like a native as the weeks go on.  I even find myself looking at tourists on the bus or in the city and becoming agitated by their naiveness.  This is extremely hypocritical, I know, but I think that it goes to show that I really do feel like I belong in this country – I am no longer an outsider.  And while I do miss that States, there are so many delightful things about Ireland that make every day pleasant.  For example, I have been craving Chipotle for about a month now, and I had almost given up hope on finding a burrito joint in this town – but then yesterday I stumbled upon Tolteca – the Irish version of Chipotle (see featured image).  Such a small discovery, I know, its just a burrito place, but when I sunk my teeth into that burrito I felt like I saw back home.  Needless to say that was a very good day.

I am almost at my halfway point, and its a tad scary.  I feel like I have an endless amount of time in this country because 2 and a half months sounds like a lifetime, but things really are moving by quickly.  However, I don’t want to sound all sentimental, as I still have a lot of time left here to soak up the experience.